How to start using Reabr

Reabr is a tool for organizing website links. Let’s now look at how to start using Reabr. In a few steps, I will try to explain what you need to do in order to start using Reabr to the fullest.

Reabr board preview with bookmarked links

Registration and login

If you have not created an account yet, go to the main page and select “Signin” or use the “Get started” button. You will be redirected to the login page. Reabr now uses Google login. It’s very easy, and the big advantage is the ability to set up login options directly on Google.

After logging in to Reabr, you will be automatically redirected to your profile page. The default profile is associated with login, and the profile information matches your Google Account.

Note that your account has no data. No bulletin boards, no links to the site. And that’s why we will now create one bulletin board.

Creating a bulletin board

Each link must be placed in at least one of the existing bulletin boards. Therefore, it is necessary to first create a bulletin board in which you will insert links.

The name of the bulletin board should describe the topic of the links that will appear in it. E.g. Interesting places, Architecture, IT development, Cryptocurrencies, News from my city, etc.

Reabr will ask you to create your first bulletin board. Or you can use the “Create board” link directly in the left menu, where you will see all your available boards later.

The notice board always contains the name, which is mandatory. It also contains a brief description and access options.

  • Private – only you will see your bulletin board after logging in
  • Shared – you can share it with anyone who owns a link with a key on the bulletin board
  • Public – the bulletin board is public and is visible via a link. The content of the bulletin board is also indexed by a site search engine, such as Google.

The possibilities of sharing are limited in the pilot version and we will explain the details in one of the other articles.

After creating a bulletin board, you can insert a link to a web page and it will be assigned to the bulletin board.