Reabr – powerful online bookmark manager

Let me introduce you to our new project, which we named Reabr. In short, he is a bookmark manager, but not just any. Our ambitions with this project for bookmark management are great and I think we will bring a completely new approach. You definitely have something to look forward to.

Reabr board preview with bookmarked links
Reabr board preview with bookmarked links

Basic online bookmark manager

We are now in the development stage and our Reabr project has a limited range of functions. We are adding the necessary and advanced functions for the online bookmark manager and we will also keep you informed about them.

In the first phase, we would like to make Reabr a full-fledged bookmark organizer. So that you can maintain and manage your favorite bookmarks.

Basic functions for creating and setting up so-called “boards”, which are thematic groups of bookmarks, are now available. You can also publish the board. Boards can be private, shared or public. This brings many benefits and options for how to use the bookmark manager.

Another important functionality is adding resources, links to websites, photo galleries, videos, etc. This is the main function of the bookmark manager. You can now insert links to any site to your boards.

Let’s try Reabr

We will be happy if you try our project and possibly send us feedback on what you would like to see as advanced features in the online bookmark manager. Every feedback is very important to us.

If you are interested in our project and you are curious about how it will develop, you can follow our path, for example, on this blog, which primarily deals with the development of the online bookmarks manager.

Thank you for your support
Team Reabr