Reabr v1.0 is ready to use

Powerful bookmark manager

The first major version of the Reabr online bookmark manager application is ready.

Reabr bookmark tool is available as an application in your favorite browser. You can also easily add it to your mobile phone as a PWA application.

Our goal is to make the Reabr bookmark tool easily accessible anywhere and preferably on any device – desktop or mobile.

Reabr board preview with bookmarked links
Reabr board preview with bookmarked links

Basic functions of the online bookmark manager

The currently released version contains a set of basic functions of the online bookmark manager. It means that you can fully work with your bookmarks, create new boards, move or copy bookmarks across boards.

More advanced features available are sharing and subscribing to a shared or public board. I will describe how sharing and subscribing work in practice in one of the following tutorials.

We will be glad for your feedback

If you like our work and try everything the Reabr online bookmark manager application can do, we will be very happy for any feedback or subject for improvement.

You can leave us a comment under this post or after the post related to the problem you encountered.

Try Reabr online bookmark manager

You can try Reabr online bookmark manager very easily by clicking on the following button. The only thing you will need is your Google account to log in (you can deny access at any time in the set Google Account).

If you are interested in our project and you are curious about how it will develop, you can follow our path, for example, on this blog, which primarily deals with the development of the online bookmarks manager.

Thank you for your support
Team Reabr

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