Tutorial #1 – How to create a new board

What does “board” mean and how to create one?

In this part of the tutorial, focused on the basic use of the Reabr online bookmark manager application, we will look at what a board is and what a board is used for, how to create and set it up.

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How to start using Reabr bookmark tool

Reabr is a tool for organizing website links. Let’s now look at how to start using Reabr. In a few steps, I will try to explain what you need to do in order to start using Reabr to the fullest.

As a first step, you need to log in to the bookmark tool. You can do this using your Google Account. Now it is the only possible way to log into the Reabr online bookmark mamanger application.

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Reabr v1.0 is ready to use

Powerful bookmark manager

The first major version of the Reabr online bookmark manager application is ready.

Reabr bookmark tool is available as an application in your favorite browser. You can also easily add it to your mobile phone as a PWA application.

Our goal is to make the Reabr bookmark tool easily accessible anywhere and preferably on any device – desktop or mobile.

Reabr board preview with bookmarked links
Reabr board preview with bookmarked links
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Let`s get started new project – Reabr!

Let me introduce you to a brand new project called Reabr. In short, it is a online bookmark manager – manager of links to various resources on the Internet. Reabr, in our opinion, has great potential. Through this blog you can discover this adventurous journey of Reabr development with us.

Reabr aims to bring a whole new and different way of organizing and sharing existing resources on the Internet – links to websites. And many other functions. But we are at the very beginning and many features will be available later. You can be there with us and participate in the development of this new project.

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