Tutorial #1 – How to create a new board

What does “board” mean and how to create one?

In this part of the tutorial, focused on the basic use of the Reabr online bookmark manager application, we will look at what a board is and what a board is used for, how to create and set it up.

What is a board?

Board is a basic organizational unit for your bookmarks in online bookmark manager. This is a folder that contains bookmarks. A Board can also have different properties, such as being public or just private.

In order for you to insert your bookmarks into the application, you must first have at least one board available in which you insert the bookmark.

A bookmark can be in multiple boards at the same time. This can be done, for example, by copying. We will look at this in the following parts.

How to create a new board

Click on the “Create board” button in the left menu. If you are using the mobile version or have a small display, you will find a button in the menu that you can call up by clicking on the menu icon in the upper left corner of the application.

After clicking the button, a form for creating a new board will appear.

Each board has several basic properties.

  • Name – Name of the board – a short concise name of the board, which you will see in the left menu, and also everywhere where the content of the board will be displayed.
  • Description – the description of the board should clearly describe the content of the board. Description is optional, but it`s importance is higher once your board is public or shared.
  • Accessibility – accessibility tells how your board will be accessible – Private, shared or public

To create a board, fill in the required fields and select the “Create” button. A new board will be created and the application will redirect you to the new board. The new board will now be empty and you can immediately add your bookmarks to it.

How to edit or delete an existing board?

Each created board can be modified, it`s name changed or accessibility for other users. It is also possible to delete the board completely.

Editing and other board actions are available using the “Properties” button, which you can always find in the main toolbar if you have the given board selected.

Select the “Properties” button and the tools for working with the board will appear.

In the left part there is a menu with individual tools.

  • General – basic settings of the board – modification of the name, description and accessibility
  • Remove – here you can permanently remove the board, including it`s content

You can always only remove your own board or you must have the rights to remove the board.
If no one else has permission to remove your board, you’re the only one who can do it.

What happens to the content of the board when I delete it?

If the board is deleted, the bookmarks you inserted into the board will also be permanently unavailable. However, if the bookmarks are contained in several boards available to you, these bookmarks will remain available in the other boards. Only the board and everything you see in it is always removed without further intervention in the other boards.

Board accessibility options

As already mentioned, the board has the property of accessibility. This property determines how the board can be accessed by other users.

By default, board accessibility is set to private. This means that the only person who can see the board is you, i.e. the user who created the board.
No one else can see what your private board contains, and the board is not shared anywhere, indexed by search engines, etc. To view it, the login of the founder of the board is required.

You can share each board or make it public. We will elaborate on this in the next tutorial, which will focus on sharing boards.

Board accessibility types:

  • Private – the default status of each new board. Only the creator of the board can see the board, no one else has access to it.
  • Shared – board can be shared using a link. The link contains the secret key. Anyone who has this link with the key can see the content of the board. However, he cannot change it, he cannot insert anything into it. The content of the shared board is read-only accessible to other users.
  • Public – Similar to Shared, but the link does not contain a secret key and is completely public. In addition, the link is published by the Reabr application and is indexed by the search engine. This type of board is a so-called Magazine and is used exclusively for publicly publishing your thematic links. We will also cover this issue in one of the other tutorials.

Tutorial summary

  • Boards are the basic organizational unit for your bookmarks.
  • Boards can be created, its properties modified or permanently deleted.
  • Boards are private by default and only you as the creator of the board can access them.
  • Boards can be shared or set as public.

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