Tutorial #2 – How to add a bookmark

How to bookmark a web page or file to your board ?

In the next part of the tutorial, I will focus on what the term bookmark means in the Reabr online bookmark manager application, how to add it to the board and what you can do with a bookmark.

At the beginning, let’s talk about what a bookmark is, or what it represents in Reabr.

A bookmark is a link to a web page or file on the Internet. Each bookmark is represented by a url address and basic data obtained from the source page – page name, description, or image with preview.

Reabr organizes bookmarks into boards. I described how to create and manage boards in the previous tutorial.

Now we will look at how to insert a bookmark of a website into the Reabr bookmark tool.

The basic method of inserting a bookmarks

In the main toolbar, in the upper part of the application, you will find the “Add bookmark” button. After clicking the button, you will be redirected to the form for adding a bookmark.

The form contains two basic fields. Both are mandatory:

  • Url – represents a link to a page or file on the Internet.
  • Board – an existing board into which the bookmark will be inserted. In field, you can find a list of all boards in which you can insert a bookmark (only those in which you have permission to insert new bookmarks).

Clipboard helper

If you have a link copied to your clipboard, the app will try to use it automatically. Access to the clipboard is requested by the browser the first time you use it.

Use-case: How to add a link in a web browser.

Typically, you can follow this scenario:

  1. For the page you want to insert into the board, we first copy the page link to the clipboard
  2. Go to the Reabr online bookmark manager application
  3. Select the board in which you want to insert the bookmark
  4. Click the “Add bookmark” button
  5. In the form, insert the link from the clipboard into the Url field (If you have access to the clipboard, the link will be inserted automatically)
  6. Check and confirm the addition with the “Add” button

Alternative ways to add a bookmark

A more powerful way to insert a link to a web page is to use an extension for the Google Chrome internet browser.

Using the Reabr Chrome extension, it is possible to insert a link to a page with one click. We will describe how to install the extension in the next post.

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